Homeopathy can help in treating cancer

Homeopathy cannot cure cancer, but it can surely help ease some of the stress and trauma of a cancer patient, particularly the side-effects of radio and chemotherapy. Homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition.

In homeopathy, cancer is called to be a chronic constitutional disease caused by chronic miasms – Psora, sycosis and syphilis. Homeopathy plays an important role in prevention and management in all stages of cancer by the process of individualisation.

Clinical research shows, a hereditary background of cancer or diabetes mellitus or tuberculosis or all three or other degenerative/proliferative chronic diseases which are responsible for cancer. The newly-discovered carcinogens are the cause of formation of cancer cells.

The homeopathic medicine instead of causing any side-effects works on the actual disease in particular and also activates the immune system, so that it may get cured through antigen-antibody. On the contrary, in cases of chronic reversible diseases deep acting homeopathic anti-miasmatic medicine help to cure slowly and gradually by the mutagenic power of medicine or by the process of reverse mutation in reversible cases.

The function of a minute chemical particle having favourable functions reaches the chromosomes and may have a fruitful effect, likewise, change the genetic system through haemostasis process. Hence, it is not too difficult to accept the fact that homeopathy is the best possible medication that may be given to cancer affected individual.

  • In cancer- Homeopathic medicine works with the promising result after and during conventional therapies.
  • Suitable anti- Psoric medicine is given to prevent relapses of cancer and other chronic and incurable diseases.
  • A vegetarian diet with high fluid intake is advisable to eliminate the toxins from the body.

In many cases, homeopathic therapy showed anticipated results while modern conventional therapies failed to do any better in cancer. Homeopathy is so well trusted that 300 million patients in more than 80 nations use it.