Homeopathy can be useful for first aid remedies

According to some, homeopathy cures perhaps more than allopathy as homeopathy does not disturb the patient and allows the nature to cure them. Also, homeopathic remedies are easy to use and learn.

To start using homeopathy, not only for cough, cold and depression, it’s better to practice with simple first-aid problems such as minor cuts, burns and bruises at home.

Let us help you check out some simple homeopathy remedies:

  • Aconite napellus – This is a helpful remedy for panic, fear and shock, especially if the person is hyperventilating. Also useful for anaphylaxis.
  • Apis mellifica– This is good for cold compression for bites and stings with swelling, where the affected area is puffy white or rosy.
  • Arnica montana – A good remedy for recent or active bruising, soreness of muscles and joints, and after dental work. Also, helps nose bleeding from injury.
  • Arsenicum album – This is the best remedy for food poisoning, especially from meat. The vomiting and diarrhea is accompanied by chills, exhaustion, and restless anxiety.
  • Belladonna – Suits heatstroke or exhaustion. The skin is hot and red, the face flushed face, eyes glassy, and the head throbs.
  • Calendula officinalis – Wonderful for superficial wounds, grazes and even lacerated skin. It promotes healing and reduces infection.
  • Cantharis vesicatoria – An excellent remedy for blistering burns or scalds including sunburns, 2nd to 3rddegree burns, and wasp stings. The pain is searing and soothed by cold compression.
  •  Cocculus indicus – A key remedy for motion sickness and faintness, especially if worsened by loss of sleep.
  •  Euphrasia officinalis – Comes from the herb, eyebright. It relieves persistent pain following the removal of a foreign object, or irritated streaming eyes and nose.
  •  Ledum palustre – A good remedy for punctured wounds, bite and stings, and twisted or sprained joints, especially ankles. Wounds are cold and mottled; the pain is soothed by a cold compression.
  •  Tabacum – A good motion sickness remedy when there is nausea, dizziness, chills and sweating. Symptoms are worsened by tobacco smoke.
  •  Rhus toxicodendron – A good remedy for contract allergic reactions such as with poison that has resulted in red, swollen and itchy blisters.