Effects of Reiki on children

Presently, many people still consider that reiki treatment is only for adults. However, the truth is that Reiki is for everyone, inclusive of infants, toddlers, young kids, teenagers and the elderly. In this stressful era, many parents are taking an interest in the implementation of Reiki to help their children to focus, relax and recover from the problems of daily life.

Reiki for toddlers

Reiki for toddlers and the school-going children can help them in making their memory sharper and improve concentration. They can also get healed with the severe conditions such as cracked bones or any sickness. Children normally get the best impacts of Reiki on their body. They do not think more about the results of Reiki and their thinking can allow the energy to stream quickly. Only 10 minutes a day for Reiki can help them get relieved of any psychological problems they are facing. You can make your kid sit on the high chair and engage them in any activity, and in the meantime, you can perform the session with them. Children might get the immediate results and can talk about their mind condition during their session. Reiki for babies may also show colours around their body.

Babies are responsive to energy therapy

Babies are usually very open to the energy flow, so the deprogramming sessions are hardly necessary. Unlike older children and adults are subject to reject the innovative approach to the healing, the infants have not developed the emotional defence that can disturb the Reiki. They are the beautiful blank canvases that are very receptive to energy therapy. A short Reiki for babies’ session is highly recommended, depending on the child’s needs and requirement.

Benefits of reiki for infants and babies

Few babies experience Reiki for the first time in the hospital, as it is a way to reduce the stress linked with sickness, pain and the constant drone of IVs, respirators, and any other medical equipment. Reiki is especially very helpful the premature babies, for those who are on the life support and are very feeble to hold. Reiki can help these infants by keeping them relax, improving their immune system to handle the stress of being sick and hospitalised for the starting days of the life.

Photo Courtesy: Deep Space Healing

Benefits of Reiki

  • Babies’ sleep longer and restfully
  • Soothe a baby with the colic
  • Ease from teeth pain
  • Quick recovery from cold

Reiki comforts babies to reduce their crying in the way that quiets the home and calms the distressed parents. Only watching your child relax under the touch of Reiki can make soothe the entire family. Babies are especially perceptive of the parental stress and respond positively by seeing their parents relaxed.

Reiki for sick and fragile babies

A reiki practitioner can perform this science while holding the infant or by standing close enough to the incubator to pass the energy to the child. Distant reiki is advisable for any baby who is too fragile to hold. The practitioner can also pass loving energy through the baby’s blanket, sleepwear or bed to help the child in getting enough sleep. As the child will grow stronger and healthy, he might begin receiving the soft hands-on sessions.

Reiki allows the infants to focus on making happy and healthy the little bundles of joy. It is carried to the children throughout the globe.  The feedback of children is heartwarming and honest. Reiki can help to reduce pains, promote healing and reduce all kinds of side effects.